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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her By Their Zodiac Sign

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As winter has started packing bags & spring is on its way, February, the month of Love & romance is all set to knock your door. Whenever February approaches most of us suddenly started thinking about all the red roses,chocolates,romantic dinner dates & about Girlfriends..Yes, lets talk about Girlfriends today !! Please don’t say you never ever fall for any girl in your entire life. Our Indian film industry has always played the role of a secret cupid & we all have fallen in love at least once. So if you are having a Girlfriend then may be you have started thinking about Valentine’s day gift ideas for her to surprise & show your love to her in this coming season of love & romance. But before planning, let me tell you that we women are really hard to understand, sometimes a simple Hi from you can make our day and sometimes even a box full of chocolates or a beautiful bunch of red roses fail to bring our smile back.

I know Some people will say, Girlfriends or lovers are not necessary if you wanna live happily ever after đŸ˜‰ But I would say if you are in love then definitely go for it and confess before it’s too late

Recently I came across a concept called Yin-Yang in Chinese philosophy, and I want to share it with you all and specially with men. Well it shows how two opposite or contrary forces are interconnected together to form a complementary existence. It means to maintain stability in the world, every force needs an opposite force. Individually separated their existence is worthless, but together on the whole they give a greater meaning. Men and women are like this symbol of Yin-Yang. One cannot exist without the other (for instance shadow cannot exist without light).

Yin Yang

Yin Yang

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Now you guys might ask why I am discussing about this age old debatable topic?? Just like 12 months of a year are totally different from each other exactly like that, every women is unique by her own, but there are some common traits which they share according to their zodiac signs. So lets take a look on 12 different traits of women according to their zodiac signs so that you can understand your women more accurately & more perfectly.

1. Perfect Aries

( March 21st to April 19th )

When it comes to relationships, Aries set too high expectations. They strive for perfection and feel disappointed every time their boyfriends make a mistake or say something wrong. Aries do not rush into love and have trouble expressing their feelings. But once they are in love, nothing can stop them. They are loyal, romantic and passionate. Aries people are very fun-loving, so you should put your every effort to make their day filled with lots of happiness. You might choose few of these Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her among these segments

  • A surprise day outing
  • Mini-adventures like bungee jumping or a roller coaster ride
  • an hour at some Bowling Alley
  • Some cool gadget for her Kitchen or Office desk
  • A classy nightclub where she can dance the night away

2.Hard-to-get Taurus

( April 20th to May 21st )

Even though a Taurus girl is not easy to get, she is ready to do anything to please the guy she loves, unlike an Aries girl who tends to make herself a priority (and she is right, a guy should never come first!) A Taurus girl takes a lot of time to open up to a new guy and this makes him think that she is totally indifferent. Taurus women is all about physical pleasures and material rewards, which usually gives you more gifting options, but it also puts some pressure into your pocket. Taurian girls might like these Valentine’s day gift ideas for her

  • Expensive jewelry
  • A bouquet of fragrance
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Lots of food for a foody
  • Flowers, but not the regular ones
Taurus horoscope


3. Optimistic Gemini

( May 22nd to June 21st )

Optimist by nature, a Gemini girl can turn a guy’s life into a fun adventure. She shies away from boring men and couch potatoes and rarely fall into despair when she is single. A Gemini girl is not afraid of relationship problems and puts all her efforts to solve them in the most peaceful way possible. Gemini women are charming, intelligent and dynamic in nature, hence they might be interested on these –

  • Speak more
  • Charm of the written word
  • Social vacations
  • Accessories for arms and hands
  • Some cool & uniques stuffs

4. Leader Cancer

( June 22nd to July 22nd )

The Cancer girl is a leader in all aspects of life, including her relationships with men. She has a tendency to control her boyfriend and she is rather a clingy girl. In return, she offers unconditional love. She feels depressed when her partner feels depressed and she is happy when he is happy. So wonderful! Choose Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her from the below categories to make their day beautiful

  • Appeal to her emotional side
  • Feminine fragrances
  • Home and kitchen accessories
  • Allow them to enjoy something that they desire
  • Restful vacations


5.Extremely active Leo

( July 23rd to August 22nd )

The Leo girl leads a super active lifestyle so she is always on the lookout for a fun and adventurous guy. Spending the whole day watching TV is not for her. When she is truly in love with the guy, she is wildly passionate, romantic and caring. But since she is a highly emotional woman her feelings can easily be hurt. A Leo girl might like gifts among these categories

  • Designer apparel
  • Expensive jewelry
  • Extravagant gestures
  • Throw her a party
  • A sense of drama


6. Practical Virgo

( August 23rd to September 22nd )

The Virgo girlfriend focuses on the routine and does not love the surprises like an unexpected road trip or party. She looks for a guy who prefers to live a stable rather than spontaneous lifestyle. He must have a steady job, plan his week and discuss all his plans with her. Well, maybe it sounds boring, but a Virgo girl makes a perfect wife and mom. Make her day special with some

  • Space organizers
  • Time schedulers
  • Practicality rules
  • All about money
  • Things to pamper her with


7. Loving Libra

( September 23rd to October 22nd )

If your zodiac sign is Libra then you are a loving and caring girlfriend who can’t stand loneliness. You love to be the center of attention and can get very clingy when you do not receive enough attention from your boyfriend. Libra girls often end up staying in an abusive relationship because of their fear of staying alone. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her could be from these categories

  • Classy clothes
  • Delicate jewelry
  • Pleasing fragrances
  • Works of art
  • Appeal to her social nature

8. Super confident Scorpio

( October 23rd to November 22nd )

Scorpio girls are confident, sensual, intense, and passionate. Even though they are a bit self-centered, they do care about others as well. They love independent guys who can make decisions without waiting for approval. Shy and introverted guys are not for Scorpio women. Gift them something like

  • A hint of mystery
  • Power accessories
  • Books and DVDS
  • Mystical aids
  • Fragrances to suit the personality


9. Fun Sagittarius

( November 23rd to December 21st )

Life is always loaded with fun when you are in a relationship with a Sagittarius girl. When she is not deeply in love with a man, she does not take the relationship seriously. But once she is, she will do anything to stay happy together. Sagittarius girls never run away when the problem appears. Gift her something like

  • Treat her to a fun date
  • The power of ideas
  • Hit the outdoors
  • Romantic Vacations
  • Personalized gifts


10. Career-focused Capricorn

( December 22nd to January 20th )

The Capricorn girl is career-focused so sometimes she makes her job priority. She needs a guy who will not be intimidated by her workaholism and success, yet she can easily fit into the role of a caring wife and a loving mother. She is not afraid of a committed relationship. Make her day beautiful with

  • Gifts to enhance her ambitions
  • Jewelry
  • Traditional gestures
  • Opportunities for social leadership
  • Treat her to games
  • Intimate gifts


11. Witty Aquarius

( January 21st to February 18th )

Aquarius women are smart, practical, and a bit serious. They have trouble displaying affection and are fiercely independent. They avoid dependent guys and never even say ‘hello’ to shy ones. They can easily open up both emotionally and sexually. Aquarius women are honest and cheating is not their thing. Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her could be

  • Help her look smart
  • Give jewelry a unique touch
  • Go gadget girl
  • Do something unusual
  • Cater to her humanitarian interests


12.Classic Pisces

( February 19th to March 20th )

If Pisces is your zodiac sign, you are a bit old-fashioned type of girlfriend who loves the books and nature rather than e books and social media. You love older men because they have huge life experiences and make ideal conversationalists. You enjoy the smallest things life has to offer and do not obsessed with material things.

  • Imbued with romance
  • Something creative
  • On a symbolic level
  • A Hint of Mystery
  • Pampering the senses
  • Vacations by water


Though every girl is different in their own way, and you would better know about your girl about her likes & dislikes. However, we would suggest the only gift that everyone of us will like is the LOVE & CARE. So just make sure that you are giving quality time to your girlfriend and make them feel special. No other Valentine’s day gift ideas for her could be better than this.

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