Top 5 Eco Friendly Products

1. Grow Me Plantable Pencil

Grow Me Plantable Pencil
Grow Me Plantable Pencil

This pencils are 100% wood free and comes with a surprise. A live seed capsule attached to it,which when mixed with soil & water activates and allow seeds to germinate and grow.

2. Holographic Bird Scare Tape 

Bird Scare Tape
Bird Scare Tape

This Flash tape is widely used to protect plants, agricultural fields, airport, garden, roof, balconies, residential properties from the menace of pigeon,crow droppings. This is a visual bird scarer flash ribbon tape which works in two forms,when birds see the glossy effect surface they will be afraid & want to avoid that areas & deterrent tape also makes a crackling noise with any scrimp breeze. By this way it drives away the crow, pigeon, sparrows & other pest birds without hurting them and this is the most environmentally friendly way to  scare them away.

3. Water powered Clock 

Water Clock
Water Clock

The Water Clock keeps perfect time without batteries & electricity,You just need to open the fill cap & add water. Cutting edge technology enables the amazing water clock to generate its own clean energy. Electrodes within the water resorvoir converts ions into a current strong enough to power the clock for 3month or more,also a built in memory chip ensures you never need to reset the time while changing the water. Hassle free alternative energy makes this clock a great green gift.

4. Eco friendly coir pot 

Ecofriendly Coir Pot
Ecofriendly Coir Pot

These small bio degradable pots are 100% eco friendly and transforms into organic matter on decomposing. Here the plants also benefit from air pruning. pots remain stable above ground for more than a year & biodegrade in the soil after 2 months. For longevity of the pots only spray or sprinkle water to the potting mix. The pots retain the right amount of moisture & air for plant growth.

5. Toothbrush – Brush with Bamboo 

Brush With Bamboo
Brush With Bamboo

Brush with Bamboo is the world’s first plant based toothbrush that is BPA free, vegan and non toxic. Every component of the brush is organic / plant based : bristles,handle,wrapper and the box. It is made of wild Chinese moso bamboo,grown with no pesticides and are watered only by the natural mountain rain. It is 100% recyclable & biodegradable.

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