Top 10 Must Have Accessories For A Perfect House Party


There are always two kinds of people around. One, who loves to party, and the other who prefer only house party. There are lot of advantages and disadvantages of it, but if you ask me, I would always prefer the later one. The major advantages could be you get an extra beer, than spending that amount for an Uber, or you can be in your shorts and enjoy your drinks with your friends. There would be no stranger talk, no stalking or no drink and drive. You just need to concentrate only your drinks. No matter if you are high, higher or highest, you can go to any level as you know at the end of the day, you are at home and you will be safe. And, the major one, washroom will be always yours, and you can do whatever you want to do ūüėõ

Though the next day morning is going to be another horrible day to remember, Your neighbor might ring the bell and ask you to keep the voulme down from the next time, Your maid may need to work overtime to clean up all the mess around, but besides all of these it will be full of fun.

Since, our main objective is nothing but enjoyment, hence, we have gathered all these house party accessories to make our house nothing less than a pub experience. Hope you like all of these. So, here it goes –

1.Dial-a-drink Cocktail shaker with 15 recipes

Don’t know the recipes for cocktails and mocktails? Just rotate the dial to your favourite drink and it shows you the recipe instantly. Simply mix the ingredients in the shaker, and enjoy.

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2.Cocktail Layering Tool For Your Next House Party

Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool. Prevents ingredients of different densities from mixing, for perfect layered drinks. Rainbow lets you easily create layered cocktails with a slow, controlled pour of liquid into your glass Works with hot or cold drinks – perfect for a Black and Tan Includes layering tool and instruction booklet Ultra-slow pour. Ultra-cool drink. By preventing liquids with different densities from getting unintentionally mixed up, you can create cocktails that look as good as they taste. With layer upon layer of flavor and color, it’s easy to make drinks at home like the one’s you’ve only seen from professional bartenders. Get your Rainbow Cocktail Layering Tool from Brookstone today.

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3.Drink Chilling Ice Stone

Whiskey Chilling Stones are the new great and innovative way to keep your whiskey or fine beverage of choice cool without watering it down. These stones are the perfect ice substitute.¬†Simply place them in the freezer and wait, in just hours they are ready to use. Unlike regular ice cubes, whiskey stones do not melt and dilute your drink.¬†They won’t affect the flavor of any drink.¬†The solid granite stays cold, ensuring a smooth and leisurely drinking experience.

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4.Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Pumping gas doesn’t always have to be a dreadful task, especially when the pump dispenses liquor instead of gas! Designed to resemble an original gas-pump, this liquor dispenser boasts a silver-plated base and crystal top. It has a 5.5-inch diameter and is about 19 inches tall. This piece can only be hand-washed.

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5.Mini Globe Whiskey Dispenser

Perfect gift for any wine, whiskey or bourbon enthusiast. A perfect addition to your holiday parties. Special globe shape, very funny and meaningful. It is a perfect addition to any home bar or office. It is meaningful art piece decoration on a desk or in home.

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6.Smokeless Electric Barbeque Grill

Electric Frying and Bar B Q Grill Make Delicious Food at home! Advanced Technology Features: Best for Frying and Roasting Small and Delicate, Fast Heat Transfer Heated Evenly and Delicious Four Heat Protective Multi Temperature Control Two Removable Frying Pan Barbeque Frame.

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7.Double Shot Glass

This unusual glass is not a sand timer or egg cup. The most popular story of its origin comes from the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. There, a traveling salesman wagered with Mr. Jack Daniel that he could make whiskey stand on water. Jack Daniel accepted the challenge and offered a bottle of his prized Tennessee whiskey if the salesman could prove his point. The salesman then displayed this unusual glass, filled the bottom chamber with water and the top with whiskey and won the bet. Jack Daniel was so impressed that he bought the glass and named it the ‘chaser jigger.’This glass proves that whiskey does stand on water!First, fill the bottom bowl to the neck with water. Then, fill as much whiskey as you prefer in the top bowl.The two liquids do not mix until the glass is tilted far enough to allow the water to flow from the bottom bowl to the top!This whiskey on water glass is the perfect single glass for serving a shot with chaser all in one.Mouth-blown glass.The bottom compartment holds 2 ounces of water while the top holds 1 ounce of whiskey.The glass is decorated with the Jack Daniel’s logo Swing logo and the Old No. 7 Brand LogoMade in Romania.Measures 3’ high.Official Licensed Product.For best results, fill the bottom chamber and the narrow neck of the glass with clear water. Then, tilt the glass slightly to avoid pouring the whiskey directly over the narrow neck. Pour the whiskey slowly into the top chamber.

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8.Handcrafted Wooden Beer Bottle Holder

This pint beer bottle holder is a must have for your house parties. Can hold four bottles in one go, this handcrafted wooden holder has natural and smooth finishing giving detail and texture of wood. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties, this holder will add to the class of your party and you are sure to receive many ‘Wowwwws’.

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9.Black Wooden Bottle Rack

Decorate your living room with this wonderful wall shelf from the house of Decorhand . It is made of premium quality material and easy to maintain. Bring this wall shelf and display your various home decor items.Unique Wooden Bottle Rack (Black, 4 Bottles Holder) This pint beer bottle holder is a must have for your house parties. Can hold four bottles in one go, this handcrafted wooden holder has natural and smooth finishing giving detail and texture of wood. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties, this holder will add to the class of your party and you are sure to receive many ‘Wowwwws’.

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10.Frosty Mason Jar With Freezing Gel For Drinks

Keep your beverages Ice Cold with these Double Walled Gel Freezer Mugs! A great way to cool down after a long day or being out in the sun.. For the best results, place your mug in freezer compartment of your refrigerator for 2-4 hours , when the liquid appear frozen , remove it from the freezer and fill it with your favorite drink. Feel free to freeze and RE-FREEZE IT AGAIN AND AGAIN.. PERFECT FOR BEER, SODA, WATER – and many other beverages! Perfect for around the Pool or Patio. Great frosty mugs to take out of the freezer and enjoy with your favorite beverages.. Designed to be used for cold beverages only.

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Now, what are you waiting for? Order these products now, and get ready for throwing a house party at home. One thing is for sure, these will your one time investment, but with lifetime returns. So, make your returns most joyful and surprising with these cool bar accesories for your friends.

Please like & share this page so that it might help others as well. And do please comment below if you have any suggestions about some other ideas that you have recently purchased for your home, so that we can add them to this list.

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