10 gifts that you can buy with a Bitcoin this Christmas 2017

You must have heard about Dollar, Euro or Pound. But have you ever heard of Bitcoin? If you haven’t then you just missed the golden opportunity to become a Millionair in these last 5 years. Yes, a millionaire, and that too without playing KBC.

If you had a dollar right now, the equivalent amount of Indian currency you might have around Rs. 70, an Euro would have been close to Rs 76, and a pound could yield you Rs 86. But if you had a bitcoin right now, then you could have earned Rs 10.5 lakhs on this December 2017.

If you’re not aware of Bitcoin, then let me tell you, Bitcoin is a crypto currency or in simple words, a digital currency. There are lot of other crypto currencies are also available like Litecoin,¬†Ethereum, Zcash etc, but none of these got the popularity same as Bitcoin. It got evolved somewhere around 2009 and its price was almost equivalent to null. However it slowly started gaining its popularity during the end of 2012, and by April, 2013 its price went upto $250+ from just $13 (as on Dec, 2012). And after 5 long years, bitcoin is now trending at whooping $18000+.

So, let us assume, if you had purchased a bitcoin on Dec 2012, it might had cost you say $10, means just Rs 500/- in Indian currency. And that Rs 500/- investment could have given you Rs 10.5 lakhs. Can a FD or recurring deposit or any other mutual funds give us this much profit in 5 years? Not possible even in our dreams.

But imagine, if you had a bitcoin right now, what would you buy? Here we’re listing out 10 items that you could do or buy with a bitcoin on this december, 2017. Lets see how many of your choices matches with others.

  • Which one would you choose? A Car or A Harley?

    • duster
    • harley davidson
  • Which mobile would you buy?

    • google pixel
      Google Pixel
    • iphonex
      iPhone x
  • Europe trip with your best half or Full India trip with your Family

    • europe trip
      Europe Trip
    • india trip
      India Trip
  • Smart Home Appliances or Luxury Furniture?

    • home appliances
      Smart Home Appliances
    • Luxury Furniture
  • Start a business or Make investments in stock/mutual funds?

    • startup
      Start up
    • investment
  • Buy Jewellery or Buy A Flat

    • jewellery
      Buy Jewellery
    • Buy House
  • Do Online Shopping or Attend Dubai Shopping Festival?

    • online shopping
      Online Shopping
    • dubai shopping
      Dubai Shopping Festival
  • Book A Chartered Flight or Donate Money?

    • Chartered Flight
    • Donate Money
  • Experience a Luxury Hotel or A Cruise Tour?

    • luxury hotel
      Luxury Hotel
    • Cruise Tour
  • Fully Save for Future or Again Purchase a Bitcoin?

    • Full Save
    • buy bitcoin
      Buy Bitcoin

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