9 Amazing Old Monk Facts That Every Old Monk Lover Should Know

Kapil Mohan, the creator of India’s first brewery Mohan Meakin Ltd passed away on this Saturday, Jan 6, 2018. If you are unaware of what Mohan Meakin Ltd produces, then let me tell you, it is the Old Monk. Yes The Old Monk!!!

There are two types of people in this world –  one who doesn’t drink, and another, who creates a divine connection with Coke & Old Monk that makes every moment memorable. Old Monk is not just another rum, its a tradition. Its fans are not fans, but followers. Old monk enthusiasts do not care about expensive single malts or crazy wines – they simply want the monk. Nearly every Indian guy has a story to tell related to his vintage Monk experiences – and we’ll keep it for any other day as to why we’re in love with it.

This tantalizing drink comes with a rich history and some awesome facts. So before you sit with your Old Monk again, you should be aware of these facts –

1. The Birth Of Old Monk

Old Monk Rum which is usually blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years, was launched first time on 19 December 1954. This dark rum has a distinct vanilla flavour. However, it comes with different alcohol content like in India 42.8%, in US 40%, and for Army with 50%. Currently it is produced in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and was previously available in all parts of India.

2. Who made it popular?

Old Monk was ranked 5th among Indian spirits brands at the Impact International’s 2008 list of “Top 100 Brands At Retail Value” with a retail value of US$240 million. It is also the third largest selling Rum in the world which comes in different shapes & sizes. But the interesting fact about it is never being advertised, and it became famous just with word of mouth.

3. Reasons to drink

So next time when you taste an Old Monk toast, know you’re actually drinking to your health. Old monk is highly associated with increasing the life span of a person. It is beneficial for your Heart, Yes !! you read that right !! Drinking it regularly in MODERATION can give you a strong & healthy heart, besides due to its anti bacterial properties. It is also useful to treat common cold, scurvy, muscle pain, helps to lower the level of cholesterol & keeps diabetes at bay.

old monk benefits

4. Old Monk is an Emotion

Old Monk is an emotion. It reminds us of graduation, heartbreak, get together parties, goodbyes and the time we almost died over a toilet bowl. It’s been an inevitable part of our life and we dont plan on letting it go anytime soon.

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5. Yes, I’ve a Fan Club

Old Monk even has it’s own fan club in Mumbai. Do you know its name? It’s known as COMRADES – Council Of Old Monk Rum Addicted Drinkers and Eccentrics. So after knowing this, are you planning on joining it ??

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6. Drink for all

Another best thing about Old monk is, its so freaking cheap. It restores our faith in humanity to think that even towards the end of every month, we can still afford a quarter of Old Monk.

7. Find the real you

May be its not the ultimate dark rum, but you have to admit that its pretty good. It has a balanced flavour, crude enough to make the tapori in you happy & strong enough to knock you out.

8. When the food makes you high

As far as we are concerned about this beautiful dark rum, it is truely ripe for experimentation, wild innovation & barrier breaking creativity. Other than making lip smacking cocktails, you can also try this in delicious & innovative recipes like Old Monk sticky chicken wings, Chocolate Old Monk rum balls, Old Monk soaked gulab jamun, Rum & Raisin Ice Cream etc.

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9. Winter morning & Hot rum tea

We cannot imagine winter without a warm blanket, a hot cup of tea and a peg of Old Monk. But what if we mix all these three and enjoy a Hot Old Monk tea under a warm blanket. I bet nothing would be better than this recipe on a winter morning. Check out this receipe –

Now if you liked these facts then please share this article with your friends and get back to your drink. All Hail Old Monk !!!

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Disclaimer: This post is just made out of fun, and we’re not encourgaing anyone to consume alcohol with this post. Alcohol consumption is injurious to health.

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